Author: Nicole

Save Money with these Event Planning Tips

21 Sep 6 Money Saving Event Tips

Planning a successful event requires a delicate balance between providing the right blend of entertainment, services, and venue all while staying strictly within budget. And while many of the costs associated with putting together such a production are fixed, some can be negotiated or offset...

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Use UberEVENTS with Your Event

10 Dec Use Uber with Your Next Event

You’ve heard about Uber’s new Pre-Paid Ride service called UberEVENTS and you can't wait to use it with your next event? Now you can because Tickethookups makes it easier than ever! Uber let’s the event organizers customize Guest Passes (a fancy name for pre-paid Gift Card) with...

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How to Promote Nightclub Events

29 Oct How To Promote Nightclub Events

Time-honored techniques like papering every square inch of available space with flyers, investing in banners, placing an ad in the local paper, and getting a radio spot are the traditional ways of getting the word out. And sometimes, that's all you need to promote nightclub...

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