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Use UberEVENTS with Your Event

10 Dec Use Uber with Your Next Event

You’ve heard about Uber’s new Pre-Paid Ride service called UberEVENTS and you can't wait to use it with your next event? Now you can because Tickethookups makes it easier than ever! Uber let’s the event organizers customize Guest Passes (a fancy name for pre-paid Gift Card) with...

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promote event with Twitter

04 Aug How to use Twitter to promote your event

Use these 3 proven tips to promote your events on Twitter:
  • Hashtags in your tweets - Hashtag is the # symbol that people use before relevant keywords in their Tweets to label keywords and topics. Doing so allows your tweets to show up when people search those keywords. But, be careful not to spam hashtags! Pick whats most relevant to your event and don't use more than 2-3 per tweet.
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