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How to Promote Nightclub Events

29 Oct How To Promote Nightclub Events

Time-honored techniques like papering every square inch of available space with flyers, investing in banners, placing an ad in the local paper, and getting a radio spot are the traditional ways of getting the word out. And sometimes, that's all you need to promote nightclub...

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How to promote a nightclub venue

29 Oct How To Promote a Nightclub Venue

There are a lot of tips on how to promote a nightclub venue, but it’s important to keep site of two fundamental goals: You want new people to coming in You want existing patrons coming back The latter should be easier, but often isn’t. Promoting a nightclub venue...

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Event Marketing for Nightclubs

29 Oct Event Marketing for Nightclubs

Getting people in the door is a constant challenge for venues. And considering the competition out there, it’s never OK to just assume success will be eternal. Event marketing for nightclubs is essential to make sure you keep that customer sales funnel full! The trick is...

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