The best option for selling tickets online and promoting those events is through a FREE Tickethookups account. Now, we are not just saying that because we would love to have you as a client!! Ok, we do, but more importantly, we are very proud of a solution that we created at Tickethookups to help promoters with their events.

When you list your events on Tickethookups you have a multitude of different promotions available to you for FREE. We do that, of course, because we want your event to be successful and sell out. With Tickethookups you can promote your event on social networks and have your fans spread the word. You can track which sources bring you best results, being it Facebook posting, Twitter, your e-mail campaign, or your website. You can enter your event once in the Tickethookups control panel and have it display on your website. We will take care of all the ticket sale processing and send your payment 5 days after the event date.

Finally just like with options above, let’s consider the fees.

  • It will cost you nothing to setup your account.
  • It will not cost you a penny to use Tickethookups to promote your events and you will not have to pay for any tickets sold through us.
  • We will add a service fee to every ticket sold and it will be paid by your patron at the checkout.

Don’t take our word for it, give it a try, start your free account here and have your event up and running within minutes.

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