You’ve planned your event, set the schedule and got tickets ready to sell. Now you need to promote, promote, promote. If you never promoted your event on social networks before its time to choose one that is best suited for you. But how do you you choose between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and so many other smaller networks? Let’s discuss the criteria that will help you take advantage of those networks, starting with Facebook.

  • Consider your audience – Think about your typical ticker buyer: who is he/she, how old is he/she, where’s he/she likely to hangout? Most adults are on Facebook, so you’d do well to tap into that platform. According to Experian in first quarter of 2011 Facebook accounted for a little over 63% of Social traffic.
  • Create a Facebook Event – You have options when it comes to creating events on Facebook. If you create one from your personal profile you can invite your followers to your event; but be careful, some might consider it spamming. You know your friends best. Why not use Facebook Questions to ask them if they want to receive invitations for your events.If you create an event as Page you can use your Updates to share event details with your fans. We will consider your options in more details in follow up posts and help you create engaging events on Facebook.

One thing is certain, Facebook allows limited space to present your events which hinders your ability to convince your fans that this is the event they want to be at. Tickethookups, however, allows you to create a gorgeous Event page designed to captivate your audience and get them to attend. Create an event with your FREE Tickethookups account and then link to it from your Facebook Event page.

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